The Harper System (All in One)
The Harper System (All in One)
The Harper System (All in One)
The Harper System (All in One)
The Harper System (All in One)
The Harper System (All in One)
The Harper System (All in One)
The Harper System (All in One)
The Harper System (All in One)
The Harper System (All in One)
The Harper System (All in One)

The Harper System (All in One)

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Traffic Handle
Convert to 2 in 1

We couldn't be more excited about this all-in-one leash! I wanted to find a way to incorporate everything you could possibly need out of a leash into one!

This thing truly does it all! We considered all different sizes when designing this leash for the most versatile and comfortable fit!

Here are some of our favorite ways to wear it:

The standard long leash handle (which can also be clipped around a stroller) - 7 ft

Fixed cross body (using the large O ring) - 3.5 ft

Long cross body using floating O ring 

Emergency slip lead with floating O ring

Around the waist. Two tabs above and 1 below for a comfortable fit! No synching the waist If your pup decides to pull and we offer one tab below for your desired end length!

Fixed large O ring waist for the strong pullers! I use this one for Fin!

And last, but definitely not least, the two-in-one splitter! That's right, this converts into two leashes at the center O ring! Add on a traffic handle to complete the set!

Comes only in 3/4 inch. Have any questions? Let us know in the chat bar below and we'll be happy to answer!

Do not leave your pup attached and unattended ever! It is the full responsibility of the owner to use the best judgment when operating this leash.

Not recommended for heavy pullers

Turnaround Times:

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First Class packages are usually 3-5 business days.

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Caring for your gear

How to:

For everyday care, scrub your gear with soap and water and let sit for 10-15 minutes.

To clean your hardware use lemon juice and baking soda. Solid brass will patina over time as it is exposed to natural elements. Using an acidic agent such as lemon juice will pull those dark spots and restore the shine!

*Ketchup pulls the patina wondefully. Apply directly to the buckle itself and let sit for a few minutes! Be careful to avoid any light collar/leash colors as it can stain!

Meet the Owner!

Owner and creator of Ruff N' Fluff Co.

I started RNF back in 2020. My husband and I had just relocated with the Army to Alabama, and right as we got there everything shut down! I figured I could help our military community by learning to sew masks for the families on base, and picked up a sewing machine that day!

Immediately I fell in love with the process of making items by hand! 

After much thought, I realized just how much I could create for our two boys Oly and Finley!

What started as a small idea has turned into an ever-growing community! We are so grateful!

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