1 Inch Adventure Proof Collars


Color: Classic Brown
Buckle Color

Waterproof, odor-proof, and adventure-ready, these collars have it all! 

These are not only waterproof and odor-proof but also a more eco-friendly option with their low carbon footprint!

We use solid brass hardware which will never rust or corrode and an added locking agent for maximum durability. 

Solid brass may stain lighter colors over time due to natural oxidation. 

PVD coated Brass will scratch over time and use, however, this particular coating provides the best protection on the market from scuffs while not compromising the durability of the solid brass finish!


As the solid brass begins to oxidize and is exposed to natural elements, it will start to patina, creating a darker coating. To restore your solid brass shine, our preferred method is to coat the hardware with a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda or salt. Make a paste and apply it with a soft cloth to the areas you wish to lighten. You can also do so to the collar itself where the hardware sits if you notice any markings!

For everyday care, soak with soap and water for 30 minutes! For tougher stains scrub with soap and water using a real bristle scrubber! 

Due to the weight of these, we do not recommend any pups under 30 lbs. using this standard 1' option. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Alexa Malpartida

We love our cranberry red collar! Great material and perfect with the Fi collar links for everyday tracking. Collar was too big according to size with extra material so we had to shorten it and add an additional hole for a more tightened fit but overall like how this collar looks on our dog.

Hey there Alexa!! I am so so happy to hear you're loving your Fi compatible collar!

We do customize the Fi collars to the specified dimensions when you select your pups neck size on the Fi listing itself. This is why the sizing wasn't the standard collar dimensions of 15-20 inches! Let us know if you ever need to make a sizing adjustment and we'd be more than happy to do it with a quick return!

Always want our customers to be 100% satisfied with everything they receive! Thank you so much for shopping my small business!

- Amanda

Michelle + Bella
The Best!

Absolutely LOVE this collar so much! I ordered the 1” collar in “glacier” size Medium and it fits Bella perfectly! Bella is 35lbs with a 14” neck. I also ordered the matching adventure proof leash (6ft with traffic lead) and will never use another collar/leash set again! The products are amazing quality and the customer service Amanda provides is unmatchable! We love RNF!

Everything Proof Collar!

Love love love this collar! This collar is so durable and so easy to clean which is perfect considering how much Nova loves to play outside. Nova is a golden retriever so we ordered her a size large.we just ordered our second collar because we love them so much!